Contacts +

Contacts + 3.30.10

Direct social networking access inside your contacts list

Connect and auto-sync contacts from a variety of social networks and your own phone contacts. View full description


  • Connect to popular social networks
  • Lots of sorting options
  • Call or text directly within the app


  • Lengthly setup for external accounts
  • Scan for merging contacts doesn't always work
  • Lack of customization in options


Connect and auto-sync contacts from a variety of social networks and your own phone contacts.

Replace your standard contacts app

Contacts + promises a lot of features like seamlessly connecting contacts from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Contacts + replaces your existing contacts app into a more connected app to easily communicate within these SNS sites inside Contacts +. You can also send text messages using the app as well as initiating a call.

It can pull information from contacts' relevant profiles when you sign in. Contacts + also features a contact merging option to condense friends listed on multiple networks into one contact.

Not as seamless as Contacts + says

Setting up Contacts + takes a lot of time. To connect contacts to their respective social accounts, you have to sign into each social account. If you use two-step authentication, this takes even longer.

The app is useful if you have just gotten a new device and don't have a lot of contacts in your phone. But if you have an older device, Contacts + has problems accurately matching existing contacts.

In some ways, Contacts + offers too much information because it will pull all accounts from your phone. So if you use multiple Twitter accounts or multiple emails, it will also import these lists.

Good once it's all setup

Using Contacts + is relatively easy once you finish the setup of different accounts. There are problems with the app not sorting duplicate contacts and the scanning function doesn't work that well and can miss contacts easily.

It is nice to use because it can show different social networks inside the app allowing you to post messages or updates. The problem is that it still suffers from limited customization.

Great for a new phone

Contacts + is a great app if you have a new phone. But if you've used the device for a long time, you may have problems with syncing and proper contact management.

On first launch, expect a lot of loading, but once that is complete Contacts + runs smoothly.

It's a good replacement for the built-in contacts app, but needs smarter algorithms to intelligently sort contacts.


  • “Batch Deletion” of threads in the messages list
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes
Contacts +


Contacts + 3.30.10